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Body # RQ-1980, Engine # RS-1850. The Car was Red with Fawn interior,
HD suspension, 4-speed, 3.31. Dealer changed to 4:09, I changed to 3.73.
Car was built as an R2. Modified to a Twin using factory parts. R4 manifold,
R2carbs, R3 288 cam. Heads were R2's modified to R3 spec. R3 exhaust manifolds, I have
replaced the original 17/8" exhaust with 3" using four mufflers. Karl

Owned since 10-10-62
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Karl Sparks, the owner of a 1963 Studebaker Avanti (given to him on his 21st birthday by his father) has offered restoration advice to other people who have the same model through the Yahoo site, among other online domains where he has posted pictures of his car.

Friendly as those connections tend to be, Mr. Sparks and others say that social networking can also yield more adversarial interactions. When Mr. Sparks put a set of flashy 20-inch rims on his classic Studebaker in April, purists who saw the photos on Mr. Sparks’s Yahoo page shared their outrage via e-mail messages.

“They’re pretty hard core,” said Mr. Sparks of the postings, adding that he was accustomed to such comments. More constructive criticism was welcomed. When one person suggested that Mr. Sparks’s car would look better if it were lower to the ground, Mr. Sparks dropped both the front and back ends by 1.5 inches. “He was right,” he said. “It looks better.”