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1963 R-2995

Studebaker Avanti R1 Survivor #2995 Matching Numbers! * Hello, I am listing this car for a very good friend of mine, and let me tell you this is a real treat to drive! We just sold his 1951 Studebaker Commander and now he is going to part with this Avanti, I will be sorry to see it go, I have enjoyed driving it by occasion. * So here is your chance to take advantage of his long quest to find a solid framed Avanti. Many of the Avanti's he had chased around the states proved to have had poor condition frames and many with the 'Hog Troughs' thoroughly rusted away. These 'Hog Troughs' are torque stiffening boxes to help resist frame torque flex and twist, very important to the integrity of this sports car. * To have specific questions answered please email directly to Paul at or call him at 440-988-5347. This is the owner of the car for the last two years. * Description and history as follows prepared by Paul the owner: 1963 Avanti Survivor #2995 with Matching Numbers. * Color is Avanti Red with Red/Faun interior. * Includes automatic transmission, power windows, power brakes, power steering and Twin Traction. * Engine runs good but eventually will need attention, more on this later in description. * I have figured myself to be the 5th owner. I have a copy of the original build sheet from the Studebaker National Museum verifying this is a 'Numbers Matching' car. This makes it a great candidate for a frame off restoration, more so to increase its value, or to just make needed repairs for your driving needs and have a great investment driver. * Since purchasing the car I have made the following repairs/improvements: replaced the original factory 4bbl(rebuildable) with a new Edelbrock AFB 4bbl and air cleaner. Upgraded the dual point distributor to a high voltage breakerless with new coil and ballast. Replace spark plug wires, repaired radiator fill tank and replaced dysfunctional thermostat. Rear trans mount replaced, replace oil pump and oil pressure relief valve. I had hoped this would cure low oil pressure reading as many people suggested but it did not cure the reading. Still shows on the low side at full operating temp at about 10-15psi, see photo showing dash guage cluster. This photo was taken with engine running at driving temperatures. No engine clatter to suggest upper valve train problems. Replaced old alternator and external regulator to a one-wire alternator having an internal regulator which corrected an inherent charging problem. Old regulator is mounted for authenticity but has been electrically bypassed. Exhaust manifold gaskets replaced on right side too. Windshield wipers and washers are in-operative. * The odometer shows 01650 which I believe to be 101650 actual miles. See photo of dash cluster. * Cosmetically the paint looks good for its 40 year old dating. It is original and of course shows crazing and chips and a few stained spots but nothing extremely distracting from the lines of this beauty. Photo of passenger side rear quarter shows the most noticeable flaw, just under bumper. * Carpet is well worn if not gone for good. I did not care for the original red/black fleck pattern and bought new carpet which closely matches the the seat color and enough to do the trunk floor area. * Front seats will need some attention as they are quite cracked and torn. I think for about $300 you can get new matching material. * Good points on interior are that the headliner, door interior panels, rear seat cover and dash are darn near perfect. * Aftermarket walnut steering wheel installed, did not care for the original. Glove box has the pop-up vanity mirror, AM radio. Tach and clock are in-operative. * Turn signals activator works fine however the cancel cam is not working correctly. * Externally the front bumper has a small ding, rear bumper attach point on right side shows evidence of rust under the chrome. Hood hinges and prop-up ratchet work fine and glass all around is very good. * Please understand, I am being very honest as to condition, needed attention, suggested servicing and want to emphasize how important the solid frame is, this was the most disappointing area of disclosure when I searched for my Avanti. You have a solid car to work with, and a great deal of very nice components to work with. * Does it leak anything? Yep it leaks. Timing case seal, power steering, and transmission leak, possible brake fluid leak. Rear axle shows no known leaks. Left side head shows two broken valve springs, did not remove the right side but could suspect same problems too. A bit of oil smoke burn off at start up, probably valve seal leak down but no smoke or oil burn shows driving. * Glass pack mufflers have an authoritative report but the rest of the exhaust will need attention, I have a full stainless exhaust less mufflers that will be included. * The original Carter AFB will be included as well as the original air cleaner housing, steering wheel, jack(rusted), spare tire (not correct size) rear view mirror mount, front motor mounts and NOS side view mirror. All documents, shop manual and body manual including parts list go to winning bidder. * There you have it, my Avanti offering to you! I don't think many people will be this helpful to you in their description and I may think that many will paint a much prettier picture than exists. This is an opportunity to own a very nice 1963 Avanti knowing what will need to be done and knowing that the efforts put fourth for restoration will be a great value adder on a certified Numbers Matching car. * Please don't hesitate to email me Paul at for more help or specific questions. I can be reached by phone at 440-984-5347. * So jump on board to watch and bid on this classic! Thanks for taking the time to view and read my information, I hope to shake your hand at delivery soon, Best of Luck, Good Bidding.
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