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Sep 2011

In case anyone here recalls me asking/complaining/wondering about getting the carburetor to work right on my R2 Avanti, here is an update.

I tried everything I could think of to get this car to lose the high RPM stutter. Nothing worked. New plugs, wires, rebuilt distributor, MSD box, I even went so far as to purchase a Paxton Power Hat to cure any potential carb hat turbulence. Nothing worked.

I decided that for whatever reason, my motor just did not like the carburetor. So, after some internet searching I found the Powerjection III. It is a Throttle Body Fuel Injection unit, shaped mostly like a Holley carb. Four injectors, and the computer is built right onto the throttle body, so there are not a ton of wires running around.

I had to machine the intake manifold for the mounting bolts, and open up the primary bores a bit. I also had to ditch the fuel rail that came with the unit, and run my own -6AN plumbing to clear the low rise manifold, but it fit.

I already had a fuel cell in the spare tire well, and -6AN fuel lines, so I easily added the EFI fuel pump and filter inline.

Fired right up, and after a little driving, and a couple tweaks with the laptop, the Avanti runs like the beast I knew it should. This was by far the single best thing I have done to the car since I got it. For anyone who isn't afraid of changing the Edelbrock carb look to something more like a Holley, this is a huge deal. One hundred thumbs up.

I'll attach one picture, and take some more pictures soon if anyone is interested. R4983 Avanti
- Supercharged 289 R-2 clone. 4-speed T-10. 3.73TT

2004 FX4 Ranger Daily Driver

Tiverton, RI

I have a 1963 Studebaker Avanti, that I bought about 7 years ago. Since then I have converted it from an automatic to a standard 4 speed, and removed the stock A/C in favor of a supercharger. Originally I had placed a Paxton SN-60 under the hood. This was nice and original, but I wanted more performance. I scored a good deal on a Paxton NOVI-1000, and after some custom brackets, I bolted it in. It was a beautiful thing. It ran OK in blow through configuration with an Edelbrock 1405 carb for years. However, I could never get the performance above 4000 RPM that I knew it could have. Usually it would end up just bucking and stuttering, no matter what I did. I tuned with a sideband O2, no help. I upgraded the ignition system to an MSD-6A, still no help. I added a full electronic fuel pump with all braided stainless hoses, no help.
I decided that maybe the carb just didn't like the turbulence from the supercharger, so I got a Paxton Powerhat (Google it...), and although it seemed like a great design for lowering turbulence, it made no improvement in my motor. Then I read about the Powerjection III. The self contained fuel injection system. The more I saw on the web the more I liked it. So, after weeks of drooling over the idea, I jumped on it. Boy am I happy I did. Here is how the install went.

Since I already had the braided stainless return fuel system installed, with a fuel cell in the trunk, all I needed to do there was remove the low pressure pump and install the high pressure one that comes with the kit. That part was simple.

The harder (but not too hard) part was installing the injection unit on my motor. It comes with the fuel rails installed at a 45* down angle from the "fuel bowls". There was no way that would clear my stock low rise dual plane manifold. No worries though, I simply bought some 9/16-20 to -6AN adapters and made up some appropriate lengths of -6AN hose to reach from the throttle body to my fender well where my fuel pressure regulator was bolted up.
I also had to machine new throttle bores and mounting holes into the stock manifold, since it was set up to run an Edelbrock. Not a huge deal, but tough to wait for parts when you just want to run the thing.

Everything bolted up fine, and after remembering what I read about setting the RPM sensor to MSD-6, the car fired right up. I adjusted the target AFRs a bit, and ran the Fuel Wizard to what seemed more appropriate for my engine and took it out for a drive.

Just as advertised, it was a bit rough at first but with a bit of varied driving around town it smoothed right out. Right now, it is a bit scary to step on the throttle! I am guessing I'll need a new clutch really soon. I am psyched! Thank you Powerjection III!!!

Here are some pictures of my install.

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