The car was originally purchased at McNey Motors in Bethesda, MD, by a SwissAir Sales Manager, who upon hearing of the Studebaker Corporate decision to stop auto production, sold it to Mr. John Williams, of Washington, DC, in the mid 60's. I saw the car for sale in Rad & Track ( Still have the ad) and contacted Mr. Williams. We purchased the car 1969-70 for $2500.00. The car was painted Mercedes silver and had aluminum door and fender guards, with rubber edges installed. The black vinyl upholstery was pristine.
The supercharger was painted orange.

On the maiden voyage, to show it to my in-Laws, the water pump failed on I-70 and I drove it almost 8 miles with the fan hitting the shroud and little water, to a station in Bedford, PA.
LOL, the attendant didn't even know how to pronounce the name of the car!. I picked it up a couple days later for $150.00.
In 1970, I purchased a set of Keystone mags for the car and took it to Sears, Roebuck for a set of radial tires. The tire installer didn't know much about alloy rims and cracked almost every spoke, causing the car to be sitting on 4 flat tires the next day.
The original rims were tossed by Sears, so new Ford rims were installed, with the radials. An aftermarket AM/FM radio, with a shortwave reciver was installed in 1971, I had to sell the car for domestic reasons, ie house, kids, etc.
The car was sold by consignment through Roger Penn, McLean, VA, to an unknown party. A couple years later, Don Waldecker of Craftsman Automotive in Falls Church, told me that the current owner had a mishap on the Washington Beltway and the front end was slightly damaged.
Later, it was found to be owned by a CBS executive in Colorado. Never heard of it again.

R-5011 next to my old GH (6101341), which now resides in Bowie, Md