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Studebaker Avanti R-5026
1964 original Studebaker Avanti R-2 with 64,000 miles. This is a project car that I started several years ago and was unable to finish due to poor health. The paint has been stripped with stripper specifically designed for fiberglass cars that cost over $300. so as to not damage the fiberglass. Frame on car is solid, no rust or cracks, previous owner claimed body was removed and frame was painted with bake on enamel. Some suspension bushings replaced, center pin re-bushed, front calipers rebuilt. Most everything has been re-chromed from blower bonnet to bumper and headlight frames. Many other parts were replaced, such as taillights, taillight frames and decals, windshield washer bag and many other trim parts. Transmission is apart and has been cleaned. There are many spare parts. Motor is apart with cam and crank in it. Everything has been machined, by Northeast Machine, a high quality machine shop. Heads have been redone, new guides, Perfect Circle valve seals, new valve springs and valve job. Pistons are new, .0300 over, on rods that have been resized with double molly rings included. Oil pump has new gears and has been re-machined. There are many other new parts and extra used parts. Included are repair/service manual, & parts manual. New transmission mounts and new hubcaps. All parts will be boxed before car is picked up. I have described this car to the best of my ability and an Avanti enthusiast would be very happy with this project, as I have over $12,000. invested.

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