(26 Mar 2018)MP< /////I appreciate your efforts to locate the correct location of the (Air Conditioning) decal.////


Interesting question!

We own a 1964 Avanti (R 5311) and a 1964 GT Hawk (64V 18364), both equipped with factory air conditioned. We purchased both of them from the original owners, the Avanti in 1972 and the GT in 1969. At the time of the purchases, both were in near mint original condition. The GT has the "Air Conditioned by Studebaker" decal in the lower center of the rear window. The Avanti is not fitted with the decal in any location.

In the early days (say 1963-1973), I saw a few 1964 Avantis with factory air, but I don’t remember any of them being fitted with the "Air Conditioned by Studebaker" decal. Without verification, any 1964 Avanti that today is fitted with the decal does not provide good proof, since a reproduced decal could have been applied at any time.

Over the years, I have seen many 1964 GT Hawks and Lark-types fitted with "Air Conditioned by Studebaker" decals. Since the Studebaker Avantis were not assembled on the same assembly lines as the GT Hawks and Lark-types, it is possible that AC equipped 1964 Avantis were not factory fitted with the decal.