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1964 Studebaker Avanti R-5432
Lancaster Intn'l Meet
September 2008

This "easy to remember" number belonged to my brother from 1964 to about 1972. It was a round headlight, R2, white w/fawn interior at the time. I thought the owner might enjoy chatting with him about some of it's early history.

If you want to read a tale or two about this car, read on.....

The first owner got disgusted with the car when it started acting all fussy including blowing black smoke. With only 8,000 miles on it and less than a year old, he wanted to get rid of it for $1,600. (Not a typo!). My brother actually gave him an old MG1100 sedan and $700 cash.

My brother took it to a shop that checked the carb and found something simple like a needle valve not seating. It started up, went VROOM like it should, and everything was just fine.

But four Paxtons bit the dust in this thing. One died near South Bend (he traveled from the East coast to Chicago occasionally. He just went to the factory. He said they had a parts counter about a 100 feet long and a guy went over to a cabinet and pulled the file for his car. It was out of warranty, but they took pity and just gave him another one. They also had a new R2 engine on a pallette they said they would sell for $600 - he was a starving student (but with an Avanti!) and couldn't swing it.

Another time, again heading for Chicago, his oil pressure was dropping - gas in the oil. He called and they said he'd be OK so long as it didn't drop below 15 psi. Well, he made it and a garage put on a new fuel pump. This didn't seem to damage the engine, but it sure seems like a scary proposition to me.

After 8 years, he sold it for $1,000 with the supercharger in the trunk.

My brother is Lloyd W. Kinzer, Reston, VA, 20191 - had car 5432