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Thread: R5642 Auction Results R3 Avanti

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    R5642 Auction Results R3 Avanti

    I've been away from the forum for several weeks due to tax season. I did a search but did not see a posting saying what John O'Quinn's R3 Avanti brought at the auction in March. Does anyone know if the buyer is known to SDC members?

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    Check this thread for the results of the sale:


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    It sold for $96,250 after commissions. Buyer unknown, which is his right if he chooses.
    I believe R5394, a white four speed sold at auction some years back. (It originally came from a dealer in Kingston PA.) Can anyone recall what it brought? Did the new owner ever reveal himself?

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    Was Johm O'Quinn's Avanti a "factory" (1 of 9, I think) original R3 Avanti?


    63R-2386 under restoration & modification

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    Yes, next to last Avanti 64R5642 was #8 of 9 and only 1 of 5 that still has it's original R3. It previously sold(to O'Quinn for ~$50k in '03 I believe). Nice car with some non-stock mods and 55K on the speedo. The RM staff decided to "market" the car with a expected price range of $25-35K! I called them on that one questioning the reasoning since they sold the car last @ ~$50K!.......their answer? to generate more auction interest.........guess it worked, but it made me think that there was something horribly wrong with the car or engine. Nice to see some large $ Collector Status finally being placed on one of Studebaker's finest.

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    I was the second owner of R-5642 and owned it from 1982 through about 1996. I stumbled across the car at a zone meet near Chicago and having written an article on the nine factory R3 Avantis (April 1978 TWs), I knew immediately what I was looking at. Fortunately, the original owner was willing to trade for a couple of interesting cars I had.

    R-5642 won a national first place in AOAI judging at South Bend in 1983 and was very close to completely stock when I sold it. I believe the mileage is accurate, as it had about 45K actual in '96, and the third owner did not drive it much.

    An interesting thing about the car is that the production order says it was completed on December 26, 1963, which makes it even later than the Studebaker National Museum R1 Daytona HT. Therefore, it was the next-to-last assembly line car completed in South Bend. Only a few CKD units were made for foreign shipment after the last R3 Avanti (R-5643); that car was also finished on 12/26/63.


    george krem

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    R5642 Avanti R3 more info

    Since there seems to be some confusion regarding R5642 this message is to put correct information on the record. I bought this car from George Krem in 1996 (actually, I just realized that in fact I was picking up the car at his mother's house on exactly this date in 1996!) and sold it along with my RR SCIII convertible via RM in 2003 when it sold for about $45K at Meadowbrook. In 1998, an expert restorer who was doing some minor engine work discovered a slight piston crack, and I decided at that point to have the engine, brakes, steering, wiring, and entire drivetrain completely redone to blueprinted specs. The brakes were converted to silicone at this time, and a correct PS unit was fitted although we left the original fast ratio in place which resulted in slightly twitchy steering response. This restoration took about two years and resulted in a car that was mechanically new. Other than the silicone dual master brake conversion, the only non-stock item was the addition of a supplementary electric fuel pump. Aside from my 600 Grand Mercedes that I still own, I would rate this R3 as the most spectacular high-performance car that I have owned or driven. The torque multiplication starting at around 65 MPH - 120 MPH is truly astonishing. As I lived in downtown Toronto at the time, I eventually decided to sell the car because with its extraordinary performance you really can't enjoy driving unless you're on wide-open country roads preferably without radar traps! Mr. O'Quinn bought both this car and my RR at Meadowbrook auction. When I sold it, 5642 was in both perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition, and had an outstanding paint job that was done by the original owner, Mr. Linnaberry. It was sold with the original documentation including the bill of sale from Mr. Linnaberry to George Krem. The interior--actually a 1963 vinyl colour--was original to the car, as noted in the extensive article on the car by Fred Fox in Special Interest Autos. There was nothing wrong with the car or the engine, and the authenticity of its ownership history from Linnaberry to Krem to me is well known. These cars are quite undervalued, and the reason is simple: as my friends at RM told me "most collectors think that they are ugly and are more interested in mainstream muscle cars". Avantis were never a mainstream car, and never will be. It was nice to see that the car brought at least a decent price in 2010.

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    I took several pictures of the car while at the auction in Fort Lauderdale. You can view them here if interested - https://silverplate1945.smugmug.com/C...20707846_6gbB3

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    Very interesting car! The slide show takes a while, but it is well worth it. Some nice South Bend products in it.


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