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1964 Studebaker Avanti R-5653 An EX car

From: AOAI Spring 74
1963 Avanti SN 5653 (this serial no. is correct and has been verified as the story and condition of the year, by your pres) R-3 automatic special body and interior built as R-4 factory prototype for Andy Granatelli.

Converted to R-3 supercharged version. Has many unusal features, including air conditioning system which can be alternated with blower set up. Body is early round light, body converted to square lites. Exterior red with metallic red interior. Mechanics good, cosmetics need attention. Asking $4,000. Contact Richard Shields Rockford, IL.

r5653a.jpg Addendum/
From Web searches
"The Illustrated Studebaker Buyer's Guide" lists R5642 & R5643 as
the "final production Avantis". These were two of the nine (Production) R3's
made. They actually repeat that R5643 was the last car, three times!
The guide also says that there were at least five engineering
prototypes, EX-2942 and EX-2944 to EX2947. Those last four were given
serial #'s R5650 to R5653; so as many as ten may have been put
together after production.

The other photos are of R5653, car was in Rockford, IL area 1975? We looked at it and drove it, super fast car, was a Granatelli shop car orginally was round light Gold body painted AMC Red with square light tubs hacked into nose. Don't know what happened to car? Thats the story, John Shanahan

r5653b.jpg The buyer's guide information, I mentioned earlier, would imply R- 5653 was EX-2947, and maybe the highest Avanti ser # that Stude assigned.
r5653c.jpg However, since R-5651 was EX-2944, by the build sheet, R-5653 would be EX-2946; and there should be a # R-5654. That assumes #'s were assigned in order. There should be a build sheet for R-5653 at the Stude Museum.