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1971 Avanti RQB-1693

1971 Avanti II

I bought this car in Nov 1999 from a collector who had purchased it in Arizona. Previous owner had repainted the car. I drove it from Michigan to Connecticut. Since that time I have replaced all gauges with original Stuart Warner parts (Tach and odometer were not working, and other gauge faces were faded), replaced the starter, battery, rebuilt the Carburetor, replaced the water pump and had it serviced regularly and stored winters.

It has Burgundy paint with a light tan interior. The interior is in clean condition.

VIN Number: RQ-B 1693. (Connecticut does not Title cars over 25 years Old)

Total Mileage Unknown. Odometer was not working when I bought it. (Since replaced.) I have put a few thousand miles on in the past 5 years

Chevy Corvette 350 c.i. V-8. Dual exhaust with glass packs. (The car is loud - and there is a leak on the right exhaust. (If I were keeping the car I would replace the exhaust system - the previous owner liked loud cars)

3 speed Auto

Air Conditioning not functioning (A hose let loose last summer)

Power windows (Drivers side window needs a roller to keep it on the track - it works but may need manual assistance at times.)

Power steering, power brakes, original rear window defroster (fan)

Tires are currently black side wall from a BMW 5 Series - Good rubber on all tires but the car would look better with the correct White Side Wall tires.

The Hog troughs are in great condition.

There is a small tear in the fiberglass where the front right bumper connects. (I hooked another cars bumper backing into a parking spot)

The car is garaged in Danbury, CT.

.. contact me with any questions at!

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