1974 Avanti II - RQB-2103 - Oct 2017


I wanted to get a vintage car or truck from my year of birth, 1947. Since my Grandpa Halicki owned a Packard/Studebaker dealership, I wanted to get a 1947 Studebaker M5 Pickup truck. They are made of un-obtainium. One in Kansas that has patina that turned into vapor years ago.

One of the members was out talking about vintage cars and a woman advises she has an old Avanti, '71 or '72, that she would like to sell. He calls me and we schedule a 'look-see'. The day arrives and we go out.

Well it's a '74. She got it because her father, Winston Boulware, passed away. It has been sitting 15+ years. As I first saw it...