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1974 Avanti RQB-2165

The Avanti Model Year Library

Owner - Mark Hale, Huntington, West Virginia


Protective moulding on door sides, marker lights on front fenders; chromed steel bumpers with mounted road lamps. Spring loaded crash bars on center of front bumper. Rear bumpers are chromed steel with black rubber uprights and bumper guards. Backup lights are mounted on trunk lid with brake, tail & turn signals on fenders


Upholstered in Bittersweet vinyl, high back seats with standard Studebaker bottom sections. Standard Studebaker overhead lighting/heater controls. Shag carpets in complimentary color



Mahogany steering wheel with brushed aluminum spokes. Padded vinyl dashboard with standard Studebaker shifter, heat & A/C controls. All standard Stewart Warner Avanti gauges- Speedometer, Tachometer, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Vacuum Gauge, Gas guage, Ammeter, Clock


GM 400 CID
Compression: 9.7::1
Fuel System: Quadrajet (non EMS)
Exhaust: Dual 2" pipe
Cooling: 2row radiator, Thermostatic clutched fan. Coolant overflow on PS of radiator
GM A/C Compressor
Cruise Control

Transmission: Turbo 400, 3 speed

Rear Axle:__Dana 44
Ratio: 2:72 (changed from 3:31)


Front Disk

Technical Info (Provided by Mark Hale)
15" Wheels
General 215-65 R15 tires
Standard Vinyl Avanti dashboard
Standard Studebaker Avanti type overhead console
Power Windows
Factory High Back Bucket Seats
Vinyl interior
Avanti "Shag" carpet
Rear Window Defogger
Driving Lights
Front Bumpers - Chromed Steel with added front crash bars
Rear Bumper - Chromed Steel with Black rubber uprights
Trunk mounted back up lights
Fender mounted brake lights

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Note from Mark hale

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