1985 Avanti Coupe Project Car

This Avanti is a prime project car.  It is mechanically sound and mostly needs cosmetics.  The original color is red with a tan interior. It is equipped with very expensive extremely comfortable Recaro seats.  In the below pictures you see tape around the windows.  Brightwork is either covered by tape or removed.


The Good

The car does not have most of the expensive problems associated with a project Avanti.  The car has solid hog troughs and frame.  The engine is a goodwrench replacement 350 and runs strong.  The air is cold.  The tranny appears fine.  It is the 4 speed with overdrive so it should get decent MPG. The tires are in good shape.  The brakes, suspension, and front end appear sound.  The dash pad is nice with no rips, splits, or drying out. The glass is all good.  Although not all the parts show in the pictures, I have all the bright work, door handles, and lights.  The power moon roof has been replaced with a regular sunroof.  It is a good fit and a good solution as the factory sunroofs are nearly impossible to get repaired.  The drivers Recaro seat has already been recovered and they did a great job.

The Bad

The car has some sort of electrical drain that kills the battery after a few days.  I believe it to be related to a aftermaket alarm system or a bad relay.  I lean towards a bad relay because the passenger window is fussy although the motor is strong.  The car needs some minor body work, a good block sand, and a paint job.  It is in leveling primer right now.  The interior needs some work. Some panels could be dyed, others need replaced.  The door panels are not installed but I do have them and they are included. The drivers Recaro seat has been recovered and they did a great job. The car is missing the spare and spare cover.  The bumpers are off the car, but included.  The wood on the dash is cracked and you would probably want to redo it.  The rear window seal and the rear quarter window seals were trimmed for painting.  One could go around the seals with the black weather sealant or replace them.

Why am I selling it?

Let me make clear I am not passing on a problem car.  This is a great project for someone with cosmetic restoration skills.  I have very little time driving it, but I do believe it to be mechanically sound.  I am selling it because I recently purchased another project and wish to devote my hours to the other car.  A skilled hobbiest could turn this into a $15,000 car with minimal investment.  Questions?  Call 614 447 1635 in the evenings.  I am in Ohio.