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63 V K Convertible

1963 Studebaker R1 4-spd Gran Turismo Hawk Convertible

Rust Free CA car!

1 of 357 R-1 GT Hawks Made (only 47 known to survive!)

Built into a convertible by a retired 25-year Studebaker engineer, this rare commodity is a stunning example of pure ingenuity! This engineer worked from Studebaker factory plans that were used to build the only convertible prototype Studebaker ever made in this body style. There are only a few custom convertible Hawks ever known to exist!

This car has been in climate controlled storage for the past 10 years, and only driven about 20 miles in that time.

This car has the original engine, numbers matching, Jet Thrust 289 with a Carter AFB 4-barrel carburator. It is strong, and runs very well!

The transmission is the original 4-speed. The rear end, I believe, is the original twin trac unit. It also has a brand new (not rebuilt) master cylinder.

The interior seats and door panels are in very good condition. The carpet has been replaced, and is in very good condition. The dash is in excellent condition, with no cracks. There is real wood in the dash (a couple of corners need to be glued down.)

The paint is '67 Camaro blue. It was not professionally painted. There are a few flaws and chips that have been touched up. It is a very eye-appealing, none-the-less.

The tires are in operational condition, but do have some dry-rot.

The drivers side door hinge is slightly worn.

The radio seems to be original, and is not working.

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Other features include:

* original power steering and factory power disc brakes
* factory tinted windshield
* all glass is in good condition
* bumpers and stainless trim in excellent condition
* tach in dash (not connected)
* original owners manual and production order
* front fenders have "Avanti Powered" tags (found on R series only)

Convertible top is in very nice condition. When the top is down, you can snap on the regular boot or snap on the tannou cover instead (see pictures.) The sporty tannou covers the back seat and tapers up to the front seat headrests. This cover is heavy-duty (not flimsy), and is made from black vinyl material, covering an aluminum sheet metal frame with an additional floor support between the two front seats. Tannou cover need not be removed to raise convertible top.

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