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Avanti Duo-Cento - R5

From a Studebaker Public Relations Press Release: October 31, 1963
Issued by joseph DeFranco, V.P.

Quoting Sherwood Egbert

"He pointed out that the supercharged Novi engines of the Studebaker-STP Specials already have an identity tie with Studebaker, which is the one Automobile manufacturer to make strong use of the supercharged V-8 engine, as a passenger car powerplant. The Novi V-8 is widely recognized as the most powerful racing engine in the world, on a size-horsepower basis. Principles from the Novi engineering , done by Andy Granatelli, have already appeared in one experimental Studebaker passenger car engine -- the R-5 version, which drove an Avanti 196 m.p.h. at Bonneville Salt Flats recently."

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