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Demolition of Studebaker building 69

  • South Bend, IN - A part of South Bend history came crashing down Friday to make room for future growth and investment.
  • The water tower at the old Studebaker Stamping Plant off Sample and Franklin stands no longer.
  • Five years ago, the city of South Bend purchased the old Studebaker stamping plant and for the past two years, progress has been made in the demolition.
  • This afternoon, an extraordinary step in that process took place.
  • The demolition contractors pulled down the water tower that at one time held 500,000 gallons of water and was used by the Studebaker stamping.
  • For decades the tower was seen for blocks, if not a mile.
  • It sat five stories in the air and the tower itself was three stories tall.
  • The plant was, and the property still is, the largest single building complex in South Bend at 39 acres.
  • Clearing the stamping plant will make way for new development.
  • The event was bittersweet for many.
  • Steve Lueke, the mayor of South Bend, says, “We are a year a way yet from cleaning up and finishing up the demolition here. The city will be putting in new streets and structures to encourage private investments to follow."
  • Linda Russnak of South Bend takes a more nostalgic view. "It makes me feel sad to see it torn down, really losing a lot of memories," she says.
  • Russnak was one of the two-dozen or so people who gathered Friday afternoon to witness this dramatic step.
  • Transpo is the first company that has committed to building in this industrial park.
  • It will be moving its maintenance facility from Northside Boulevard to the park.

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