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Studebaker & Avanti engines .......and alcohol

Marine engines have just as many problems with alcohol in the fuel as road engines. Here are a few pages of information that may alleviate your problems

Boaters have been using additives to their fuel for years to combat stale fuel and engine wear. The pages below are evidence that you can put something in your tank that will COMBAT ETHANOL DAMAGE in your car.

Boaters Additive Survey

EPA Additive List ( long)

Lubricating Additives

Additive Names for Gasoline Products

The 1920s Environmental Conflict Over Leaded Gasoline and Alternative Fuels
By William Kovarik, Ph.D.

In addition to these wrotings, Stanwood Sparrow ( Studebaker Engineer) wrote a number of articles on engines and fuels

    • Stanwood Sparrow et al., “Alcogas as Aviation Fuel Compared with Export Grade Gasoline,” SAE Journal, June 1920, p.397.
    • Stanwood Sparrow, “Fuels for High Compression Engines,” Report No. 232, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, US National Archives Y3.N21/5:1, 1925.