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Full Flow retro ( if you want to try it..

This diagrams was passed around about 10 years ago, by someone who said it could be done. Kind of ambitious, if you ask me....

Full Flow engines were introduced in the mid 62 model year. The modification went into production on or about April 17th at engine number S-248301 for 6's and V-559387 for V8's. These engines were re-engineered to take advantage of full flow oil filtration, using a spin on filter on the passenger side of the engine.

Full flow filtration directs the oil from the pump, directly through the filter before entering the engine galleries. This way, all the oil is cycled through the filter more efficiently than the partial flow cannister type filters.

Re-engineering these engines, required that the core mold be modified to accomodate the new filtration system and to do this, it is said that the sand cores of some of these engine blocks had a bit too much shift to allow large overbores. IE, the bore in the block is straight, but the column of steel isn't. So, you could effectively, bore down fine for 3/4 of the column, then find the waterjacket.
Many of the R3 blocks were hand selected to assure straight cores to allow such a large overbore.
It is recommended that if you are thinking of overboring any full flow block, to get the cylinder walls ultrasonically checked to measure wall thickness(straightness?), beforehand.

On the other hand.....The is similar, but different.

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