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Giant 1931 Studebaker Roadster

Studebaker was thinking big in 1931. On the field outside the auto company's Indiana proving ground, this wooden model of the President Four Season Roadster served as both advertisement and tourist attraction. More than twice the length of a normal Studebaker, the 11,000-pound (5,000-kilogram) giant could fit 50 people on its running boards and occasionally hosted an orchestra-the 25-piece Studebaker Champions-in its cockpit. But by September 1936, when this photo was published in the Geographic, the oversize roadster was no more. "Studebaker styling had progressed to a point where it no longer bore even a passing resemblance to the big car," says Andrew Beckman, archivist at South Bend's Studebaker National Museum. "In the spring of 1936, the fender was ignited, and in less than half an hour the President was reduced to ashes."

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