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Studebaker Items for Sale
(Postage from 22066)

These first Four are $20.00 each (plus Postage) OR or all for $65.00 (plus postage)


Email me     (put Manuals in the Subject line / thx)

All are used but very usable / the 64 Sedan manual is basically untouched



Chassis Parts Catalog / 1955-1956 - All Models except Trucks


Chassis Parts Catalog / 1959 - 1964 - All Models except Trucks


Chassis & Body Parts Catalog / 1964 Sedans

Added June 2021

Car Craft Magazines

Random Issues from 1995 - 2000
Good condition - $7.50 each plus shipping from 22066

All books and manuals will to be sent Media mail unless specified


Holley Service Guide #2
All about the Holley Carb
Item #T62P2


Hot Rod Magazine
Separate manual on Engines
Item #T62P4


Complete book on Engines
Item #T62P5


Series on the Basics
Excellent pointers
(Item #T62P6A)
Cams, Valves, Exhaust

(Item #T62P6B) Suspension, Brakes
(Item #T62P6C) Ignition, Elec.
(Item #T62P6D) Carbs, Fuel
(Item #T62P6E) Body, Paint
$7.00 each


Chilton's Mercedes-Benz
Repair & Tune up
Pretty good coverage
(I used to own a 280S
(Item #T62P7)

Detroit Gear Shop Manual

Detroit Gear shop Manual
This only covers the
DG150 6 Cylinder Model

Reprint from original Manual


Grey Rock Foreign Car Service Manual
(Click for pics)
All about disk/drum brakes
A lot in common with Avantis
(Item #T62P11)



1970 Motors Manual
1965 - 1970
Very used condition
(Item #T62P18)


1975 Motors Manual
1971 - 1975
Very good condition
(Item #T62P19)


1980 Motors Manual
1975 - 1980
Very good condition
(Item #T62P20)


Ford 1967 Maintenance Guide
(Item #T62P21)

FORD - FORD O MATIC Service Manual - $20.00

Same as a Flight O Matic

ROTARY IMPACT TOOL Catalog for Studebaker - $15.00