Orphan Car Tour June 2006

The Tour contenders assemble on the grounds of Dave & Jane English's meadow, near Gettysburg. A slightly brisk and threatening weather pattern doesn't deter, the approximate 50 owners from the coming afternoon adventure.

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In the background is Dave English's toyshop, where we had free rein to look at all the goodies

Inside the 'barn' were quite a few prizes......

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oct06011.jpg oct06013.jpg oct06014.jpg oct06015.jpg
oct06016.jpg oct06037.jpg oct06038.jpg

We were released about 2-3 minutes apart and started on the tour.
oct06066.jpg oct06065.jpg
The Adams County Winery had a great assortment of 'tastes' and snacks
Taylor's green houses had the last of the spring plants and some nice potted items..

Frank Buck's military and construction tractor collection was awesome
oct06068.jpg oct06069.jpg oct06070.jpg oct06071.jpg
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oct06080.jpg oct06081.jpg oct06082.jpg oct06083.jpg
Leaving the Buck's collection put us right at the entrance to the Gettysburg battleground
oct06085.jpg oct06086.jpg oct06087.jpg
Through downtown
Where we gathered at the Lutheran Seminary for a catered meal and farewells.

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