Potomac Chapter Spring Tour - May 2006

(Karen & Paul Johnson (Brand X), Pat & Larry Merhaut (62 Lark Conv), Mary & Steve Walters (56 Power Hawk, Gail & Frank Philippi (Brand X) and Donna & Bob Johnstone ( 55 President State Sedan))

The Potomac Chapter visits the DuPont estate at Winterthur, and Longwood Gardens

scf0090.jpg scf0001.jpg
Four Intrepid couples, three driving Studebakers, arrive at Winterthur. We meet up with a fifth at the visitor center.
Some of us at the start....
Steve and mary Walters

Reserved Space

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The Dupont Mansion is the start of the tour....

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scf0026.jpg scf0028.jpg scf0029.jpg scf0030.jpg
scf0031.jpg scf0032.jpg scf0033.jpg scf0034.jpg
scf0035.jpg scf0036.jpg scf0037.jpg scf0038.jpg
scf0039.jpg scf0040.jpg
More Pics here
of the mansion
and grounds
After all the walking....

Saturday, May 5, we visit Longwood Gardens

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scf0053.jpg scf0054.jpg scf0055.jpg scf0056.jpg
scf0057.jpg scf0058.jpg scf0059.jpg scf0060.jpg
scf0061.jpg scf0062.jpg scf0063.jpg scf0064.jpg
scf0067.jpg scf0068.jpg scf0069.jpg scf0070.jpg
scf0071.jpg scf0072.jpg scf0073.jpg scf0074.jpg
scf0075.jpg scf0091.jpg
More pics of Longwood Gardens

On our return to the hotel from Longwood, we passed Winterthur again. It was the end of the day's events and a couple of Classic Cars were leaving the grounds. Our troupe received a respectful wave from a gent driving an Rolls Royce Silver Shadow...

Sunday AM, leaving the Dupont estate area, on Route 52N..

scf0092.jpg scf0093.jpg scf0096.jpg
scf0098.jpg scf0099.jpg pj432.jpg
Heading back down US Route 1. A very pleasant ride..!!
pj434.jpg scf0109.jpg
Crossing back over Conowingo Dam

We finish up with brunch at Dutch's Daughter Restaurant in Frederick....
What a weekend!!!!

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