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SDC Atlantic Zone meet / AOAI International Meet - July 13 -16, 2011 - Gettysburg PA

Photo by Jim Stadtherr

Photos by Bob Johnstone
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The Irresistible Force meets The Immovable Object...
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DSC05378.jpg DSC05380.jpg DSC05382.jpg
DSC05385.jpg DSC05387.jpg DSC05389.jpg
DSC05391.jpg DSC05393.jpg DSC05394.jpg
Custom Packard Engined Roadster
DSC05396.jpg DSC05397.jpg
DSC05398.jpg DSC05399.jpg DSC05400.jpg
DSC05401.jpg DSC05402.jpg DSC05403.jpg
DSC05404.jpg DSC05405.jpg DSC05406.jpg

Photo by Jim Stadtherr

This is R5642, the 2nd to last Production Avanti....
...and a Production R3....
Car was in Hotel parking lot Friday PM.....
Owner drove off and I never saw it again...
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for the movie


General Pics

Photos by Ed Lemanski
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el071611p.jpg el071611q.jpg el071611r.jpg
el071611s.jpg el071611t.jpg el071611u.jpg
el071611v.jpg el071611w.jpg
More Photos to be addded....



Ed Purinton