you can change the upper inner a-arm bushings to solid steel bushings like the R3s used, and also 1952 Studebakers.
Just find a 1952 Stude and use its upper a-arms and bushings.... or try and locate NOS a-arms and bushings for a 1952. These a-arms from 1952 look just like the 1953 to 1984 a-arms, except the holes are different for accepting the steel bushings. 1953 was the first year to use rubber bushings.
Here is a

Here is a picture of the upper inner for the R3.

I converted my 1963 Lark convertible a number of years ago to the 1952 upper a-arms and they work great.... and help it corner much better.... less roll....

You could also use upper a-arms from 1951, but they physically look different, and I think the steel bushings are a little smaller too....

If you find and use Delrin bushings, the advantage is that you can keep your current a-arms...., But Delrin????..