Bob's Resource Website (2007)

Installation of Pertronix 6 Volt, Positive ground, electronic ignition on 55 President State


In the previous attempt to install this kit, the parts all mostly fit, but the rotor wouldn't slide all the way down on the top of the metal post. This was because the inside diameter of the magnetic collar, wasn't large enough to allow it to slide all the way down onto the cam. I had mistakenly thought the collar fit was ok, except for the I.D., and milled the rotor base to fit inside the top of the collar. This allowed the distributor cap to be installed, but the unit wouldn't fire because the magnets in the collar were too high to trigger the control unit.

In a conversation with Pertronix, I told them the rotor wasn't seating inside the collar and the base of it had to be milled down to fit inside. They said it was ok to file a bit of the collar to make a good fit, although they didn't understand what I was really saying.


You have to be careful not to grind away too much and wind up with it too loose, as well as digging into the area that holds the magnets that trigger the switch.

You can see the light area which is being widened here

Just about flush now

Every thing snugged up. .030 between the collar and pickup

The final attachment point was the wire from the "+" side of the coil to the Chassis ground. What better place to tie the connection that powers up the control unit.

A few wire ties to tidy up things and it fired up perfectly. Pertronix advises that you should switch on the ignition and wait 5 seconds before cranking, in order for the control unit to get charged.