200-R4 and 700-R4 TCC Information


200-R4 Tightening Specifications

Component Pt. Lbs.
Center Support Bolts 18
Control Valve Assembly To Case Bolts 107*
Converter Cover Housing Bolts 89*, Converter To Flex Plate Bolts 46
Equalizer Lever To Control Rod Bolt 21
Filler Tube To Transmission Bolt 35
Governor Cover To Case Bolts 18
Manual Shaft Hex Nut 23
Oil Cooler Pipe To Radiator Connector 20
Oil Cooler Pipe To Transmission Connector 28
Oil Pan To Case Bolts 12
Oil Pump Cover To Pump Body Bolts 18, Oil Pump To Case Bolts 18
Parking Lock Bracket Bolts 18
Solenoid Assembly To Case Bolts 107*
Stator Shaft To Pump Cover Screws 107*
Transmission Support To Frame Bolts 25, Transmission Support To Mount Nut 35
Transmission To Engine Bolts 35, Transmission To Mount Bolts 35
TV Cable To Case 89*
1-2 Accumulator Housing To Case Bolts 107*
* in-lbs

700R4 Tightening Specifications

Components Pt. Lbs.
Accumulator Cover To Case 8
Auxiliary Valve Body To Case 8
Case Extension To Case 26
Connector Cooler Pipe 28
Detent Spring To Valve Body 18
Manual Shaft To Inside Detent Lover 23
Oil Passage Cover To Auxiliary Valve Body 8
Park Brake Bracket To Case 18
Pressure Plugs: 1/8-27 8, 1/4-18 18, Pressure Switches 8
Pump Assembly To Case 18, Pump Cover To Body 18
Solenoid Assembly To Pump 8
Trans Oil Pan To Case 8
Valve Body To Case 8