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Studebaker Avanti & Recaro Seats

Jan 2012

The brackets for Recaro seats will definitely NOT work with oe seats, and I have doubts about them working with your Camaro seats as well.

The brackets for Recaros are available. Contact Wedge Engineering...they have the brackets for Avantis in their computer and can make them up for you on order. They have the sliders for Recaros as well.

Wedge is where I got sliders and brackets for the Recaros I installed in my Avanti. I had them in less than two weeks after ordering them.

Another option is Procar seats. I believe that might be the seats you see in Jegs...I know Summit Racing carries them as well. On Procar's website they list Avanti brackets. For all I know they might source them from Wedge Engineering.

Bruce Blum - SDC Forum