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Steel Tech Engine adapter - Sep 2007

Question was: ////I have a Steel Tech Adaptor Plate going on a 259 stude motor. The biggest Problem is drill out the 3/16 hole for the dowel pins on the motor. Does anyone out there have the blue prints of the dowel pins on the motor in relation to the center of the crank center. I am only allowed .002 inch in order to be on the button. I need to locate of the dowel pins to the center of crank. Has anyone had this problem.?////

Tom, from santa Barbara, Ca (SBCA96), Studebaker Chat Forum responded
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The SteelTech plate has an aluminum plate bolted to the steel plate. The aluminum plate centers the steel plate on the crankshaft. You center the plate .. and bolt it down to spec against the block, then you drill the dowel pin holes. I drilled mine from the engine side and used the stock hole locations. Then tap in the dowel pins. You might want to add a hole like I did, to be able to torque the torque converter bolts. BTW, the aluminum plate gets unbolted and removed before you put the torque converter on.