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65-66 Studebaker Motor Mount placement

Jan 2012


South Bend, IN

Small Block Chevy motor mount location pictures (ala 65-66 McKinnon power)

A friend of mine is rescuing a rat rodded 63 Lark 4 door. Removed was the Oldsmobile 260 V8/TH 350 combo for a 327 /TH350 combo he had. He bought the last set of 65-66 motor mounts and crossmember I had,but needed pictures of where to put the mounts, I decided to post the pictures I took of my own long term cheap build 63 Wagonaires motor mount positions for anyone also doing this kind of swap.

These pictures were taken looking in the grill opening toward the firewall from where the radiator should be mounted. Obviously (?) the one with the fuel pump is the passenger side and the one with the steering arm is the drivers side. Hope these help someone.