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(Hawk Hood Repair)

Alex Magdelano October 2002

Here's how I did it. Not sure what the "kit" one looks like.

Alex M

How to straighten and reinforce 53-64 Coupe hoods

Mine was not bent too badly but there was a noticeable bend right where the reinforcing ends in the rear corner of the hood. That seems to be the weak point. I lay the hood upside down on the grass or a flat board if the grass is too soft. Put boxes or blocks under the other side of the hood to lift it up high enough so your side is resting flat on the ground Using a large hammer and a large chisel I beat hood in the area shown till it had the proper shape with no kink showing. See At the same time, straighten the flange and side of the hood. This area is slightly curved in both directions so follow the natural line. Notice the holes drilled in the side of the hood. These are to spot weld in the first metal piece, which is a filler to make the final brace sit flat on the inside of the flange.

This is the step area.

I made about a 4 inch long metal piece from flat stock about the same thickness as that reinforcing plate.(Not shown) It was shaped to fit into the little narrow slot and then stepped up to the width of the channel in the edge of the hood. It was welded in, using the holes in the side of the hood and then spot welded on some of the edges on the inside.

The inside welds were ground down to make sure the long reinforcing piece fits flat.

This is the final piece, drilled to allow it to be spot-welded on the inside.

The holes are angle drilled to allow a straight shot in with the wire welder. This piece is about 10.5 inches long and starts about 1.5 inches from the end of the hood.

This shows it welded in. I ground the welds smooth and used Bondo to smooth it out

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