The Mallory Unilite Distributor

In its entirety...


The Cap Part #209M...


The rotor Part #322...


The Module Part #6100M...
Also; Accel number 2005 & Mallory number 605


The Non-Ballast coil. Part # Mallory 29219

Late Finding

Late Announcement


The surge Protector. Part # 29371


Important notes

  • Do NOT use steel or copper core plug wires, only spiral wound resistor types
    The Application and Install instructions for the Distributor

    Note this is for a Studebaker with a BALLAST resistor and a Studebaker coil


    Using a Mallory #29219 Coil


    This is the install



    To Replace the OPTICAL Module
    These are the Instructions from the Module Repair Kit

    Note the Non-Ballast Coil Numbers on the sheet


    Replacing the Module

Remove the Distributor Cap and rotor.
Remove the 2 screws holding the module down.
Note the gap between the shaft and plate.
Stuff tissue paper in her to prevent losing a screw down the opening


The underside of the module is covered with THERMAL conductive paste.
This is used to wick HEAT away from the IC chip inside


Note the wires pass thru a port in the distributor

Then enter to a connector to the surge protector


The pin locks must be compressed with a small screwdriver
to allow the wires to be released

Or you can just CUT the wires
and pull the ends through.


Mark the plug as to the correct wiring for he new module
  • Red - +12V
  • Green - (-) on Coil
  • Brown - Ground


    (IMPORTANT)Spread the supplied THERMAL conductive paste from the repair kit on the bottom of the Module
    DO NOT USE Dielectric grease on the module base, but it's ok to use on the wiring connector
    Fasten it into the distributor
    Thread the wires through the port in the side of the Distributor
    Reattach to the Surge Protector