Avanti LED headlights

Pelican Parts # CLWH-SMD12V

Ref . SDC Forum #103148

Found this product through the Porsche 356 owners club.

Installation on my 1978 Avanti II was very simple and easy. No mods required. There was just enough room to stuff the connectors and wiring behind the Bucket to make way for the cooling fans.
Yes, this item still uses H4 replacable 9003 type LED bulds that need a cooling fan instead of heat sinks which are much larger and may have not allowed enough clearance. There was no more room for ferrite coils to filter any possible RFI. Harness access in this car is not great.

The low beams are amazingly bright and comparable to todays modern LED lit vehicles; the high beam setting adds an almost indistiquishable amount of light up and to the sides, almost unnecessary because the lows are so bright. Visibility is 500% better over the stock H6024
You can definately hear the cooling fans when lights are energized.

I have replaced 95% of lighting with Asian made LEDs aquired on Ebay with minimal RFI issues except for limited AM reception, FM works great. Avanti's are famous for rotten FM reception and dim lighting (fiberglass bodied and boat type wiring) ...the more room you have behind the buckets of your car , the easier the fitment will be .

Not sure what difference the higher priced SMD lights would be. ... $150 vs $295 ( for 6v & 12V)
This is a great product in comparison to the unknown build quality and reliability of almost all the H4/9003 housings and bulbs sold all over internet.
....expensive but, you get what you pay for!

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