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Repairing a C/K/ Trunk Hinge

Merlin Klotz - July 2014

Right Trunk hinge fail resulting in damage to trunk lid mount location on my Speedster. Neither SI or the other Stude vendors list any so I posted the issue on the SDC forum. No one on the forum was aware of a shop doing rebuilds so it was up to me to find my own solution. Seems this is a common fail point on the C/K and interestingly the right hinge is more prone to fail than the left one.

Ground off end and removed pivot pin/rivet with the most slop. Replaced this with a clevis pin... much better but not perfect.. Some slop remained in the hole and other pivots were lose as well.

Removed the hinge and pulled 2 additional loosest pivots/rivets. Above, first rivet was 1/4". All others were 5/16". I drilled all out to 3/8" and replaced with 3/8" clevis pins.

These pictures tell the story best.

Rebuilding these hinges is not that difficult or expensive to do. The only tools I used were an angle grinder to remove the old pivots/rivets and thin the pins for clearance, and a table top drill press to resize the holes. Other than repairing damage to the deck lid that the failed hinge had caused, the only parts and tools required were about $5 of clevis pins from Lowes. Do not try and make the repair with the hinge still on the car!

I made several false starts and wasted hours including trying bolts etc before I quit making the task difficult.

Merlin Klotz