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Trunk seal track replacement

MMerlin - Sept 2013

I would have preferred to replace the passenger side trunk track before I painted the car... That seal track was perforated with rust so I had welded a strip in the bottom of the channel and figured I could hide the uglies with bondo. It really was too shallow for a rubber seal so when I saw CE had replacement strips for $15 there was no logical reason to not get it ordered. It took a little longer to arrive than I had hoped so the paint got done before UPS came.

I cut out the old track and drilled out spot welds on the jack bracket.

When it arrived I realized it was straight but the "K" trunk line was curved. The cross section of this channel is looks like the cross section of a scoop so it was not inclined to easily assume the contour of the Speedster trunk.

So I took the cut blade in the angle grinder and made multiple slices in the lip that goes up under the fender.

Shaped the track to the curve of the fender then kept wet rages on lip while I tack welded it in place so I wouldn't blister the paint.

Tacked the track to the fender lip about every 2 inches then ground them smooth. I'll finish the seam off with bondo art.

Another day, another block colored red on the Gantt chart.