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92 Montero Steering - Studebaker GT Hawk

The tie rod and the steering rod actually run closer to parallel when the tires are on the ground. I heated and bent the steering arms to make them like the quick arms. That brought the tie rod forward so I could make the pitman arm longer.
The Pitman arm is 5 1/2" C to C. There's an offset, and it's also angled. I bolted a short piece of angle to where the original steering damper hooked and welded a piece of the ford spindle to it.

92 Mitsu Montero and 72 ford 1/2 T pitman arm.

It's overkill, I know, but that's what I had lying around. You can test drive it and see how awesome it is the next time you're in Harbor City
Steering arms aren't tempered. That's what's nice about forged steel, you can work it; unlike cast.


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