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Oil Gallery Pressure Primer
Tom Lewis - Dec 2016

I gave up on the oil pump priming the system by itself while cranking. I made the tool shown in the attached photos several years ago based on a post by Gary Ash in August of 2010. I should have just used this in the first place. It is a section of steel pipe with an end cap that has been modified to accept a tire valve stem and fittings on the other end to connect to one of the oil gallery ports. It works by taking the cap that has the tire valve stem off, mostly filling the pipe with oil, screwing the cap back on, pressurizing with air through the tire valve and using the ball valve to release the oil into the gallery and back to the pump. I'm not sure how many ounces of oil the tool holds, but after two reloads I was getting oil pumped out of the oil gauge port when I cranked the engine with the starter. That tells me that the pump is now primed and I should be good to go to start after I finish the rest of the reassembly.