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I am hoping to save others members a little time by posting this. Dad's 50 Champion had a previous paint job where all of the "greige" interior parts got painted body color. So I went on a quest looking for the correct color for his restoration. I found a reference to a Rustoleum rattle can color and a lot of advise to take a piece and get it matched at the local automotive paint store. I did both and ended up with a mixed single stage color from PPG's OMNI line. Here is photo for your own comparison.

What you see in this photo is the back side of the glove box door in the background. A piece of scrap metal painted with the Rustoleum rattle can is on top of the glove box door. The grooved piece is the front seat frame trim painted with the OMNI that I had mixed. The Rustoleum is very close but as you can see in the photo it is a few shades too dark. The mixed OMNI is a better match. You decide if the rustoleum is "close enough" or if you want to get some paint mixed for your project.

This is the Rustoleum I used. (7713830 Dark Bronze)

If you want something a little closer, this is the OMNI mix formula.