Studebaker Paints - Tahiti Coral - Dec 2020


NCDave51 - Greensboro, NC

Paint: Convenient spray can enamel


I’ve always used Sherwin-Williams Automotive for paint supplies, whether here in NC or during our brief time in WA. Service and matching are excellent, and rare is the OEM outlet that will still sell to hobbyists.

I needed only small volumes for my ‘59 Lark S-F4 wheels and for a small repair to the front grille and hood (where the PO accidentally bumped into something when storing the car). Two rattle cans of their Dimension 5.0 VOC acrylic enamel would be perfect. I used the fuel door as a clean reference.

The entire car’s “Tahiti Coral”paint is 100% original, so I’m trying not to overdo the finished result, but will do the entire grille as a piece, since it was conveniently removed for my engine repaint. I may dull it down with 1200 wet to degloss if needed.

Just wanted to give folks a heads up that an alternative to quarts and gallons and hauling out the gun/pot is readily available.