'55-62 - #1537555 castings - nominally 54cc and 8.5 compression ratio with dished pistons and steel
shim head gasket or 10.25 with R1 flat tops

Baked clean, shot blasted, washed, pressure checked, vacuum checked
New R3 stainless steel intake valves
New R3 stainless steel exhaust valves
New R2 valve springs
New valve guides
New positive teflon valve stem seals
New hard exhaust seats
Performance valve seats cut on Kwikway HeadShop
Head deck milled flat
Bowl ported to match valves
Gasket-match ported to match intake gasket
We have more than $500 in new parts and $500 in shop labor. These have in them the last set of R3 valves and R2 springs I have on hand.
These heads are ready to bolt on and run fast. They can be yours for $995 + shipping from 99223. I can arrange motor freight and drop them at the dock.

Jack Vines

from sdc forum #30186 - June 2009

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