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April 2012


Question:mike super (SDC Forum)
IFS or front clip for 1953 C-cab pick up

Wanted any input from those who have either reworked the C-cab front suspension with a quality IFS or a clip from any other vehicle that is a simple install. Any and all experiences will be helpful in the decision making process.


I haven't done one myself, but a Volare front clip, the kind that used the transverse torsion bars, can be fit right under the existing frame rails and welded on. Used to be a popular conversion. The Volare K-member is fairly flat on top, and sized such that the truck's frame rails pretty well match up to the flat areas. Ford Aerostar front clip might be another one to look into.

289stude (SDC Forum)

Google amc pacer ifs conversions.

Dusty Taylor (SDC Forum)

Here is some pictures of a Volare.