Bob's Resource Website (2007)
Delrin Bushing Installation

Mickey Prankas
N. Miami, FL. 33161


Required Tools

I used a small floor jack on a piece of 4x4 to hold the A-Arm in place and raise & lower as needed. Do one at a time and you don't have to worry about the springs flying out at you.

Remove the bolt and start prying out the old bushing. I found that if you use a chisel or large screw driver try to get the old bushing to turn in it's seat. This loosens it up and makes prying it out easier. I had one all but fall out and one that had me cussing for about an hour before it finally gave up and popped out. I found getting a hole punched thru and then hitting it to twist it in the A-Arm helped break that "seal"

Make sure the extension has stayed in place and is working to ke ep the A-Arm from bending. The rears have less access so a few washers on the b olt can be used to push the new bushing into place. Now be sure the hole for th e grease fitting is where you want it, these things would be a bear to pull just to turn them.

Old ones are out....

As the bushing is forced out the A-Arm may move up or down depending on how much pressure is on the floor jack.

Note - the pin is long enough and far enough into the A-Arm to prevent it from letting the A-Arm escape.

Raise or lower the floor jack as needed to place the pin in what looks like the center of the A-Arm hole.

(you may also need to move it front or back - use a pry bar or as I needed to do on one, a come along, until close to center )

Once out you can use the jack or large pry bar to center the pin in the hole and push the new Delrin Bushing ( greased inside only ) into the A-Arm hole and onto the pin. Once in position bop it a few times with a hammer to set it good. Now the front ones can be driven on with a length of 1x2 or better yet 2x4 all the way into the A-Arm.

Now once again be sure that the grease fitting hole was placed so that it will be of use.

New Bushings are in. Delrin flange rests against the control arm face

Uppers installed...

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