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Bob I have installed maybe 6-8 sets over last 40 years on 2 different occasions the customer come back within 4-6 weeks and wanted them taken out and rubber ones put back in. I don't care for the ride they impart into the car. Also there is no resistance to twist like with the originals, if the original units are installed correctly. I can see where they would put a lot of extra shock onto the cross member where cross shaft is bolted down. What I have come across in on at least 6 or 8 cars, one of them my daughters, where someone put Camaro shocks on the front of our 56 up cars. The Camaro shocks are about 1 inch longer and when you hit a dip and the front end bottoms out the shocks break out the whole center at top where they come thru cross members, there the cracks go over to bolt holes on "A" arm cross shaft and the complete "A" arm tears out of cross member. Not a good thing to have happen and a lot of work to repair, Very Dangerous.
Jon Myer
24 October 2015
The Delrin bushings are not the way to go. The control arm bushing bolts fall out. The kit also make the car drive like a bucket of bolts. The bushings damage(s) the inner shaft.