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Thread: Moog CC655 coil spring installation question

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    Moog CC655 coil spring installation question

    The instruction sheet enclosed with the Moog CC655 coil springs says that the top end of the coil should be facing forward on the right hand spring, which orients the lower coil end to the front also.

    The instructions also say that the left spring should have its upper end oriented to the rear, which puts the lower end pointing to the rear.

    The Studebaker shop manual says to position the front coil springs with the bottom end facing the engine.

    Hence, we have a conflict.

    Does anyone know, then, which of these two ways should be used for coil spring end orientation on a Studebaker?


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    I don't have a definitive answer, but remember the Moog instruction sheet is written for a GM front wheel drive car that uses these CC655 springs on the rear. So, how applicable is that? As long as the the spring ends match (where the coil ends) I'd be more incline to follow the Studebaker manual. That is just a thought. Whatever you choose, you do at your own risk.

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    I just installed the Moog cc655 in my Packard. Followed S-P instuctions for installation, no problems detected.
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    I followed common sense, and past experience, closer coils to top, spring ends to match old spring. good ride no sag with 350 + lb driver. 3years now, good match to stude. luck Doofus

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    If the spring ends are "finished" correctly it will likely make no difference.

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