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Thread: Moog CC655 Variable Rate Coil Springs in a Avanti II ?

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    Moog CC655 Variable Rate Coil Springs in a Avanti II ?

    Has anyone tried using the Moog CC655 Variable Rate Coil Springs for GM Cars in a Chevy Powered Avanti? Curious about the ride height? Is this a good alternative to the springs currently available from Stude Vendors?
    Or does this make the car sit too high?
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    Moog CC-655 springs / Avanti II

    Hi Jim,
    I believe someone just chimed in a day or two past about doing this. Check this post https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...+cc655+springs

    ... BTW, I'll be dropping my original Avanti II springs out next week and may just replace them with the Moog items. Have to see what they look like first.. Stay tuned

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    The CC655 springs are an "upgrade" either to a standard GM spring or..., the variable rate spring GM also offered. Odd as it may seem the springs are for the REAR of 87-ish GM front wheel drive cars, though in a Studebaker application they are installed in the front. I have a 350 Chevy and a 700R4 in my '64 Daytona. As best I can tell this eliminates right about 150 pounds off the front/center of the car. I have a set of the GM manufactured variable rate springs, not Moog CC655's. Sorry to say I have yet to install them. But, my thinking was that the springs might be better suited than the Moog 655's for cars that have had the engine/trans swap and are lighter up front.

    I know this is not much help, but I did want you to know that GM also made a variable rate spring for the same application as the Moog 655's, but are lower rated. I'll hunt around and see if I have any data on them.

    OK, go here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...pring-question and read from post #7 onward.
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    MOOG springs on my 74. This height should be about as high as possible. It's a new install, never driven on the road, still missing the interior and glass and the tires are 225/55R17 which are about 1/2" or so smaller in diameter than 235/70R15's. The aluminum spacer was removed as they were severely corroded and I wanted to get the front down some. Bob

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