Bob's Resource Website (2007)
1955 Studebaker rear sway bar

Here is a Rear Anti Sway Bar (Stabilizer Bar) for all Studebaker Hawks 1956 through 1962, and will work on 1963 and 1964 Hawks & Larks ,with different Spring Plates or by using the earlier style Shocks. It should fit all Larks with #44 Rear Axles, and 1953 through 1958 Land Cruiser, President, Commander, and 1957 & 1958 Packards.

These anti Sway Bars were standard on the top of the line Studes in the '50s to give better cornering and general stability for the heavier cars. They were also standard on the 1956, 1957, and 1958 Golden Hawks, as well as the 1963 & 1964 Avanti powered Hawks and Larks, and were optional on all of these models. They could be added to cars with the # 27 rear axles, but you would have to the weld "ears' on for the sway bar mounts and possibly shocks.

The rubber bushings are in good shape and useable now, or you can get new ones from several Dealers if you like. The Spring Plates are in very good shape as are the Bar & Link Bars, with only minor surface rust. They will be an easy clean and paint. One of the mounting bolts is missing and I would replace all four as they are 50 years old and easy to find new at any hardware store. This is the correct original bar , part # 532152, with the older style Spring Plates correct through 1962.

While these cars have a Front Anti Sway Bar, adding a REAR Stabilizer Bar really helps 'clean up' the ride and handling characteristics of the car. It keeps the car from leaning and fish tailing as much through turns, especially on the longer Hawks. It also improves the overall ride. Most new cars have these as standard equipment.

This is an easy Bolt On Accessory