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61-64 Studebaker Hawk Turn Signal Switch (part #1551930)

This is the procedure to replace the Turn Signal Switch ( 1551930) in a 61 - 64 Hawk

You will need a 15/16" wrench to remove the steering wheel nut, a phillips screwdriver, a pair of pliers. Some electrolytic grease, blue masking tape and about 16" of "not too stiff" mechanics wire.

Have the wheels in a straight ahead position.

Remove the horn button.

Remove the center horn wire from it's connector and tape the end.

Remove the three phillips screws holding the horn ring in place.

Remove the 15/16" nut holding the steering wheel in place.

Before removing the steering wheel, make an index mark with a black sharpie, across the hub of the wheel and the splined shaft, so you know how it gets returned.

At this point, you may be able to rock the steering wheel and walk it off the spline. If not, then you need to acquire a steering wheel puller to remove the wheel.

  • 1) Go under the dash and follow the wires from the steering column to locate the large black plug

  • 2) Separate the plug halves and pull the wires from the individual plug sockets

  • 3) The wiring schematic should be as shown below

    4) Take 16" of mechanics wire and fashion a fish wire as shown. Wrap the mechanics wire one or two turns around the end of one of the turn signal wire connector ends to get the shape. It need only be tight enough to grab the connector end without slipping off.

    NOTE: I took most of these pics on reassembly.
    Some have been adjusted and shown in the dis-assembly
    process. The text should clarify things. With the steering wheel off, you are looking at

  • 5) Remove the 2 small phillips screws and the larger bolt holding the stalk into the switch

  • 6) Pull the switch up and out of the pivot. Once clear of the column, the pivot socket will look like a hole and the wiring channel is above it. The wiring goes through the upper hole

  • 7) Next, remove the 2 screws shown to disconnect the rear collar from the steering column. The collar will drop toward the dash and expose the inner channel where the wiring gets snaked through.

  • 8) Now one by one, pull the OLD wires up through the column and discard the old switch.

  • Reassembly

    CLICK this pic
    9)Thread the new wires through the upper hole in the support. Don't seat the pivot yet

    10) For each strand, take the mechanics wire and the individual connector

    11) Twist the tool around the strand

    12) Wrap the connection with blue tape

    Click this pic
    13) Insert the mechanics wire into the column channel and
    push slowly until it
    come out below, then slowly pull the strand through the column

    14) Repeat this for each strand. You have to do it individually, it will never work as a bunch.

    15) Once all the wires are threaded through the column,
    even up the wires and pull them all to snug
    the switch pivot into place

    16) So, now, we're back to here....

    17) Snug the lower collar back up to the end of the column
    and re-install the 2 large Phillip screws

    18) Return the 2 small phillips screws and large bolt holding
    the stalk into the switch

    Remember this?

    19) Put some dielectric grease on each connector and
    install as per the wiring diaeram

    20) Put a dab of dielectric grease in the opposite side of the plug also and reconnect it under the dash

    21) Thread the horn wire through the steering wheel and
    position the wheel over the index mark
    and set the wheel onto the spline.

    Tighten the 15/16" nut suitably

    Install the horn ring and reconnect the horn wire

    Install the horn button and you're done!