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Low Oil Pressure (9)

/////// Champ engine in a 57 Lark. It has all new pistons, rings, pins, bearings, and everything else. The problem is that it loses oil pressure once the temp gets to operating range. Starts at 75 psi then slowley drops to 0. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? We are thinking mabey a cracked block. Any info would be helpful. Jay Derbidge (Battleborn / SDC Forum - Nov 07)/////////
      Checked the lifter to bore clearance? (N8N /SDC Forum - Nov 07)
      Presumably it has a bypass oil filter. On those filters, the inlet fitting is supposed to have a restriction. The diameter is about .050" If a standard fitting were used in its place, you would get that result, once the filter warmed up. Worn lifters/lifter bores could cause oil pressure loss, but I doubt it would be that dramatic. (GODR / SDC Forum - Nov 07)
      has he checked the oil press. regulator piston, spring, Special Nut and copper washer? The spring is the important part! And the piston needs to be free to move and have a clear "bleed hole". (StudeRich / SDC Forum - Nov 07)
      the oil filter restriction should b .042. Without a restriction the flow is through a .104 aperture, over six times as much, reducing the pressure by who knows how much. According to a previous post this (.042) will cycle all the oil through the filter in 10 minutes at 2,000 RPM. (Tom B / SDC Forum - Nov 07)

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