Bob's Resource Website (2007)

Pertronix (1162) -12 volt

Just finished installing a Pertronix P/N 1162 breakerless electronic igniton in my 66 Commander Six. This was one of the easiest jobs which I have ever done. Took only about 20 minutes and the distributor does not have to come out. All that you need to do is loosen the two screws that hold the ditributor cap in place and remove the cap and rotor. You then remove the two screws that hold the breaker plate in place (as an assembly with the points in place), and remove the plate. The new Pertronix plate is put in place making sure that the pin on the plate is inserted in the arm on the vaacuum advance. The two original point plate screws are tightened to hold it. You then slip the reluctor over the distributor cam, push the rotor back in place to hold the reluctor and using the enclosed plastic feeler gauge, set the gap between the module and reluctor to about .030" . The nuts holding the module are then tighened and no further adjustment is ever necessary.

The electrical hookup is simple: black wire from the module is attached to the coil - (dist terminal) and red wire from the module to the + (Bat/ignition) side of the coil. The only slight mod is that you must file a small slot in the distributor cap where is goes over the new module strain relief bushing which is slightly bigger that the stock one. My Stude started on the first crank and runs fine. You are not supposed to use any primary resistance in the + ign lead but the 1.5 ohms of the resistance wire does not seem sufficient to harm anything. Now I can drive with no worry of point block wear altering the timing and I'm getting better performance and mileage to boot.

This is a easy bolt on for those of you thinking about going the electronic ignition route. The Pertronix also does not alter the appearance of the coil or the distributor as the module is completely hidden within the distributor.

Dennis LaGrua
Neshanic, NJ
1966 Commander Six