Borg-Warner, Detroit Gear Division - DG Automatic Transmission
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  • Air Cooled
  • 3 forward speeds & reverse
  • DG-200/200M - Used on V8 engines (232, 224, some 259)
  • DG-250/250M - Used on 259 President engines
  • Some with "M" suffix were 1st gear start
  • Early literature indicates that 10W motor oil was the correct fluid, but can be replaced with Dexron-Mercon III.
  • 3rd gear is not really a physical gear, but the hydraulic circuit canceling the torque converter action
    engaging the clutch lockup.
  • Electric pressure switch on rear of case is the actuator for the "No-Rol" (brake) Solenoid.
    The No-Rol system was the counter part to the Manual transmission "Hill-Holder".

  • These are "Air-Cooled". The pressure system cannot be accessed for an auxiliary oil cooler
      The pressure taps on the case are only for diagnostics. Any bleed-off by running fluid thru a cooler will drop pressure and affect operation







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(From a Jaguar Sedan ("MJ" suffix) /Note bellhousing has starter mounted higher)

Anti-Creep wiring




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