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Studebaker T-96 transmission


Heavy Duty

With Overdrive

Gasket Set


Much of this info was gleaned from a Jeep site..

T-96 (1956)
T-86 was a heavy-duty option only behind the 196cid, stock all got T-96.
T-96 used also in Jeeps (CJ2->), Studebaker sixes, and early Falcons.
T-96 and Borg-Warner aluminium automatics have the same spline and are the same length.
T-96 shaft length is 6.5"
T-96 came in 2 models for '70-'72, the H for 199, J for 232; both only in Hornet & Gremlin. T-14 was used in all others with the 232cid.
T-96 models are distinguished by different letters. These indicated a "minor" internal change, sometimes a different gear ratio, different bearings,
etc. Cases remained the same for a number as did overall internal design.
T-96 is not exactly the same for all these years, there are different versions that have slightly different internals.
T-96E over-drive '64 has the 1.830 second gear, even though it is not a twin stick.
T-96F '66 has a bigger front bearing and synchro rings than the T-96E over-drive does.
T-96E over-drive case has a bigger hole in the back than T-96F.
T-96F has the rear bearing in the case, not in the adapter like T-96E. The rear bearings are the same though.
T-96H might also be the same tranny as T-96, just an indication to differ it from the J series. (?)
T-96J was only used by AMC (much harder to find parts for).
T-96J was used in Rebel & American in '67 as well as '70-'72 Hornets & Gremlins.
T-96J is a heavy-duty version of the T-96 with a larger larger first hear (3:01:1 vs. 2.60:1 in T-96), a larger front bearing, and a larger mainshaft.
The standard gear cluster should fit the J model as well. Output shaft also seems to be the same, but it may be larger.
T-96J Some were prone to premature failure due to improper hardening of internal shafts circa 1971.
T-96 and automatic BW M-37 have the same number of splines.
T-96 and automatic BW M-35 also have identical universal yokes.
The T-10 '71-up used Small (diameter, thinner) bearing cap, with the 11 inch clutch with short through-out bearing. This was also the
same bearing that T-96 and T-14 used.
A complete T-96 w/OD is 18-3/4" long from front of case to end of tailshaft housing. The OD unit is the same for all.
AMC used a multi-pattern bellhousing from the late 70s-'83 which had patterns drilled for T-96,T-14/T-4,T-5 & SR-4.


Transmission (T-96 3-speed manual)

T-96H rebuild parts, per 1992 order from
Rockland Standard Gear (800-227-1523) Rockland
Part No. Description

N6307NJX Bearing, ball, front (N307LOE)
6206NRJ Bearing, ball, rear (6206NR, 206L)
15041 Seal, rear (UHO190EO, 8850A)
SP96F-50 Small parts kit1
T96-55C Gasket set

1Does not include O rings and taper pins for shift levers
or enough roller bearings for main gear cluster

T-96H rebuild parts, per 2001 order from
Northwest Transmission Parts (937-442-2811)

Part No. Description

BCA 307LOE Bearing, ball, front
ND 43206 Bearing, ball, rear
71-11123 Seal, rear
SP96F-50 Small parts kit1 G-611 Gasket set
31638 Bushing, tail housing, 1.5" ID,
1.625" OD, 1" long2
3113033 Oil slinger, 2.75" OD, 1.375" ID
1394874 Roller bearing (21), 0.125" thick, 0.719" long3

1Does not include O rings and taper pins for shift levers
or enough roller bearings for main gear cluster

2Original was 1.5" long
3Maximum usable length; original was 0.625" long

U-joints, front & rear PDQ 1004, 1-0153

Manual Trans Countershaft Bearing National C-407-Q